Saturday, 14 May 2011

I'm such an idiot!!!

Well I did have a card to post today but stupid me forgot to take a piccy and its been posted.  It was lovely too, if I do say so myself lol and it would have fitted in with quite a few challenges.  Oh well that's life I suppose.

Just been shopping for a few bits and now I'm going to sort out the house and then settle down to watch the match.  I do hope Man City win, its about time they won something.  Chris has been climbing again this morning, he camped out in all that rain last night so that he could get an early start and be back for kick off, I haven't heard from him yet but I'm sure he'll be alright.  It's dad's 70th tomorrow so we are all going round there.  I'm going to get a few nibbles prepared as mum is still not up to going out.  I've had my orders from her though, she wants kebabs, ribs and a trifle. 


Vicky said... will have to make another one now so we can all see it hehehe...!

Enjoy the game...we are watching it at the mo..even tho' I'm an Arsenal supporter!..

have a lovely's sounds very busy!..

hugs Vicky xx

An Occasional Genius said...

And doesn't that always happen with really good cards that you're quite proud of, can you not get the recipient to photograph (depends who it's gone to of course), I've had to do this a couple of times lol! Love your last 3 Christmas cards esp the 'man himself' & the 70th is hilarious. Sorry I haven't been over for a while, lots going on but getting back to normal now lol! Take care x

Sandra H said...

I did that myself a few weeks back when i wanted to take a picture of a card l'd made for a friend and wanted to put it in my folder of homemade cards never the less you can always make another, look forward to seeing your next card as l love your cards they are so adorable:)

Paula (PEP) said...

Hope it all goes well with the celebrations & that you enjoyed the game. Sounds like you had/have your hands full without thinking of photos for a card.
Take care.
Paula (PEP)