Sunday, 21 August 2011

Stressful Few Days

This will probably be a long post.  Sorry!!

What a frustrating and stressful few days I've had!  Yes we were a part of the thousands going through the dreadful Clearing system for a place at University.  Emily did really well in her A levels getting an A and 3Bs but unfortunately didn't get the place she wanted, she needed one more A.  It was 11.30 before we could even get on to the UCAS clearing site to get the code you need before phoning Universities and then we were just constantly on the phone and laptops trying to get through to them and obviously they were constantly engaged.  She eventually got a verbal offer of a place at Lincoln at about 4pm and we were told we would get a confirmation email with the code number to put in clearing.  It didn't come!!  So after more frustrating phone calls Emily was again assured that she was definitely on the list and she would get an email asap.  She was bouncing off the walls at this point!!  Still hadn't got an email Friday morning so the phone calls started again, and after the third call they eventually gave her the code over the telephone and she entered it into clearing.

Saturday Lincoln had a Clearing Open Day so we did the 2 hour drive up there and the first desk we went to was the Admissions desk where Emily again asked if she definitely had a place.  Again she was told she was definitely on the list but they hadn't physically accepted her on clearing yet.  They assured her again that she would get a place and even said we could now book accomodation so off we toddled to the accomodation office got the booking form and then did a tour of all the accomodation and made our choices.  Did the campus tour, very nice, got a bus up to where Emily's course would be, again very nice.  Had a walk around Lincoln, really nice, very close to the campus.  So at this point we are a bit in limbo.  95% sure that she has got her place but Emily won't quite believe it until she sees the offer accepted on clearing.  Then we have to wait to see which Accomodation she is offered  and then sort out the fees and funding.  OMG the next few weeks are going to be stressful aren't they!  She is due to go the weekend 17 September. 

We are going for a meal tonight to celebrate her fab results.

If you have got to the end of this ramble, thanks for reading.  I just needed to get it off my chest lol.  I'll let you know how we get on.


Sarah said...

Hi Deb, sounds like your daughter (ad you!) have been through the wringer with the Uni place. I do hope the place is confirmed and she gets on the course she is meant to. I've got a friend whose step-son went to Lincoln and he loved it - I'm sure things will work out for your Emily. Sarah

Lisa xx said...

Congrats to Emily for getting such brilliant grades, hope its good news for her place xx

Paula (PEP) said...

I do hope it all works out - sounds like you've had rather a stressful few days. Well done Emily with those grades.
Paula (PEP)

Sandra said...

Congratulations to Emily for getting in hopefully all will be sorted then you can all relax, l'm over that stage now with my children and it wasn't easy then but it can be awful for lots of families not knowing which way your coming or going anyway fingers crossed its sorted and feel stressed free for the time being:) Sandra

CraftyLoops said...

Well done Emily, your results are fantastic. Its such a stressful time applying for uni's that she probably hasnt even had time to celebrate her great results. Once she hears back about her definite place tell her to remember to celebrate all her great and hard work. Lee xx