Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Bloomin' Snow

Tuesdays are my day off work and I was hoping to go and do a bit of last minute shopping today but don't think I'll bother. It has been snowing steadily now for the past 3 hours and doesn't look like it is going to end anytime soon. I think I will get my walking boots out and wrap up and just walk down to the local shops. I need to go to the post office to get my mother in laws money out for her.

This was taken from my daughter's bedroom window and I couldn't believe what I was seeing, the blooming goldfish in the pond are happily swimming around in this weather!!!


Caroljenks said...

Looks very pretty :)

Hope you managed to walk to the shops ok - and it didn't take you too long!

We've not had much snow on the coast of South Wales - we never do :(

Have a lovely Christmas,

Carol x

coops said...

stunning piccy, i always think snow looks so pretty but it is a pain when you need to get out and about.hope you managed to get to the post office.have a fab christmas.luv coops.xx

Ila said...

Oh my...it looks so pretty!!...Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas...it was definetly white..lol...Wishing you only the Best in the New Year!!..Hugs, Ila